Residence Category Visa

Assist in making New Zealand your home

New Zealand offers a wide variety of settlement opportunities to migrants through their residence programme. OrigiNZ helps you make New Zealand your home through the appropriate visa category.

Skilled Migrant Category

A pathway to residence for skilled workers

This category offers a pathway to residence for skilled workers by providing applicants with the opportunity to work and permanently settle in New Zealand. Applicants are required to score certain points to be eligible under the category.

We will help you assess your skill level and eligibility under the category, lodge your Expression of Interest (EOI) and subsequently guide you through the entire application process.

Family Category

The family reunification visa stream

We deal with the family reunification visa stream which covers various categories – partnership, parent & dependent child of a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.

Investor & Business Category

Entrepreneurs and people keen to invest money overseas are welcomed by New Zealand

This stream of visa category allows you to present your business plan and invest money in New Zealand and is one of the pathways to gain permanent residence in New Zealand.

New Zealand has consistently been ranked in the top three on the Forbes list of the ‘Best Countries for Business’ largely due to its transparent and stable business climate that encourages entrepreneurship. New Zealand’s business migration policies are designed specifically around investment and entrepreneurship.